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Tuesday, September 29 2009

Florida Keys Flats Fishing Report: Sept. 29th,,,

September is a great month to fly fish for bonefish in the lower Florida Keys

Bonefish?? Tarpon?? Permit???
It is a tough choice some times... Yesterday we focused on tarpon..It was glassy smooth and cloudy, We lucked out and found large mat of floating grass covering several acres. In and around that grass was 3 foot tarpon feeding attaching shrimp on the surface..
Today light winds out of the NW blew the clouds away and we had excellent visibility to sight fish. That and a falling tide on the gulf side made for a fun day with lots of shots at bonefish and permit.


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Sunday, September 27 2009
Fly fishing for tarpon in the lower Florida Keys

Florida Keys Flats Fishing Report: Sept. 27th

The last several days have been over cast and very calm. These conditions are ideal to find rolling baby tarpon in the back country.. Add that to an outgoing tide and if you are lucky you can find tarpon feeding on shrimp on the surface.. We call this a shrimp hatch.. But know matter what you call it... It is a BLAST!!

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Wednesday, September 23 2009

Florida Keys Flats Fishing Report: Sept. 23rd...

Bonefish release;  Wade fishing for bonefish in the Florida Keys

The very best months to fish to fish for bonefish in the lower Florida Keys begin with S. Once again this September has been very good for bonefish. Early mornings on the bottom of tide have been a blast!


Fall is a great time to fish the Florida Keys.. It is "Off Season." No tourists, discounted rooms and rental cars.. Nobody on the flats.. Well, that is nobody except tailing permit, bonefish and rolling baby tarpon.

I have finaly finished my new promo video. No sun sets, birds, people talking, etc.. Just lots of fishing action... Check it out!

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Wednesday, September 16 2009

Florida Keys Flats Fishing Report: Sept. 16th...

Fly fishing for bonefish in the lower florida keys

We are having some huge tides. An approaching new moonand lunar perigee (when the moon is
closest to the Earth) are contributing to tide levels higher
than normally seen in the Florida Keys.
What this means is lots of flow. Been finding very happy tailing bonefish feeding into the current, the last several hours of the falling tide. Juvenile tarpon and permit fishing has been very good as well.

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Thursday, September 10 2009
Joey with a nice tarpon

Florida Keys Flats Fishing Report: Sept. 10th...

Once a year my cell phone slips out of my pocket and drops into the sea, as I get down off the poling platform....

Even with the phone loss yesterdays charter was epic... We found tarpon first thing in the morning. Joey hooked and jumped one. I suggested fishing a near by flat that had been very good for bonefish on the incoming tide..

When Joey hooked that tarpon, he got hooked as well... His reply was "Lets keep hunting tarpon" Good call! Joey hooked about a dozen tarpon and boated three..

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Saturday, September 05 2009
Early morning is a great time to find tailing bonefish

Florida Keys Flats Fishing Report: Sept. 5th...

Fishing here continues to be epic. The last week or so has been very warm with little or no wind. Glassy smooth conditions make it easy to spot rollers, tailers and wakers. How ever it can be very tough to present a fly or crab to permit in these conditions... Fall is a great time to fish the Florida Keys for permit, bonefish and baby tarpon.

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I try to keep my fishing reports current on my web site,  but it is not always easy. 

Especially if I am fishing a lot.  

For the latest fishing reports, info on specials, events and other Florida Keys happenings, please check out my Face Book Page.

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