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Thursday, April 28 2011

Full on tarpon season here in the lower Florida Keys!!

Tarpon release

The weather and the fishing has been inconsistent... one day it is great.. the next day we have to work for shots.. 

Good things come to those that wait...

Tarpon are in the back country basins and also moving ocean side..  waiting on the right edge,  on the right tide can be productive..

Cori from Salt Lake City releasing a tarpon...

Hunting and poking around for fish in the back country is a lot of  fun too!

Kyle with the "Electric Chicken"

On spin fishing trips we have been throwing the Hogey..  In the right hands it is deadly and the tarpon are going out of there way to eat it..  it was the day before Easter and 14 year old Kyle opted to throw the Electric Chicken... he fed two tarpon that day..

Evan had the leader snap on the hook up /jump...  the line flew back to give him a tarpon battle scar..


Photo Courtesy of Capt. Tommy Robinson


Once the tarpon trickle into the back country basins and start moving the ocean side flats... I have a a hard time looking for any thing else..  This is the time of year when a lot of the permit move off shore for their spawning festivities...    Maybe I should widen my view.......


 Earlier this week my friend Tommy Robinson sent me this photo of one of many of the permit, Joan Kelly got on fly that week fishing together..  Not only are they good at fishing togeather... there are also a crack real estate team... Robinson Real Estate

Need a place and info about navagatable waters, near by flats, marinas, fishing, etc..  they can give you the answers..

Mike grabs a tarpon..

Yes!  It has been fun!  It is only going to get better as the migration progresses..

I had cancellation..

Next open day is July 2nd   In fact I have a lot of open days in July..  Good time for permit, bonefish and tarpon..

Here is a list of some of my fishing buddies that may have some open days in May and June..  Give them a call and go fishing!!/profile.php?id=704658180

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Monday, April 18 2011

Tarpon time in the Florida Keys...

My favorite time of the year....


Steve Smith from La. with his first tarpon!!

The weather and the fishing has been good..  Water temperatures are in the mid 80's..  Tarpon have begun to trickle into the back country basin, channels and channel edges..  we are on the front edge of the migration..  One day they are every were.. next day they are scarce..  it has been a yo yo the last couple of days..  But even on the scarce days we are finding a few in  most of the places we look..  


Tarpon to the boat...


Fished with Capt. Steve Smith with Still Water Outfitters today..   Steve guides a lot of people into trout and redfish in La.  Today he got his first taste of sight fishing tarpon on the flats..  Steve got this tarpon on his first cast!!  Nice Job!!

Nate from N. D. with his first tarpon..

This is the time of year when the permit start to move off shore to spawn..  still been finding some on the flats..  water temperatures are good and bonefish can be found on the flats now too..  But it can be hard to leave tarpon to look for bonefish..

Under water tarpon pic..

The fishing will only get better as the migration progresses and more fish arrive..   

I still have some days open in May and June.

Currently I am open

May 2 and 3rd

June 24,25 and 26th

If you need more days, different days, etc. let me know..  I have a bunch of friends that I fish with and would be happy to help you find some one to take you fishing....

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Monday, April 04 2011

                           Mike caught his first tarpon on fly!!!

My apologies for slacking in keeping  my fishing reports current..  The weather and the fishing has been good...  I have been on the water every day since some time in Jan...except for 3 days when we had a cold front in Feb....   It has been so good, I have to go too, on my days off.

 I do try to up date the Twitter page daily with a report and pic..

With that said......


                                                        Rob releasing a tarpon....

We are on the front edge of the tarpon migration..  Rob fed 4 tarpon KG toad flies yesterday..  Boated 1... jumped 2 and had two more eats...  One tarpon smashed the fly on the surface..  Water temps are in the low 80s and as long as the weather is good the tarpon fishing will get better and better as the season rolls on..  Today was tough.. cloudy and windy... but we did find some tarpon..

Ben with his first permit on fly!!

Permit fishing has been good too,  but will start to taper off  late April as most of the permit head off shore to spawn..    This photo was sent to me from Capt. Kevin Guerin...  Kevin and Ben both had the day off, fished together and both got a permit on fly..  Kevin and Ben both guide on the Missouri River in Craig Mt. late spring though fall..

Kevin got this cuda today...

Been mixing in some cuda fishing with the tarpon fishing...  Water temps are warm and cudas are moving a long way to smash tube lure.  It is a blast to see a cuda streak 30 foot to hit a tube lure..




Amy toasts the end of the day and vacation with a celebration shot...   She also fed two tarpon that day..

Julie celebrating, hooking up a 6 foot  tarpon with Ben..

May be you should come down and celebrate too..  I still have some days open and would love to pole you into some big fish..
Currently I am open
May 2,3,14,23,28
June 24-30
Lets go fishing!!
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I try to keep my fishing reports current on my web site,  but it is not always easy. 

Especially if I am fishing a lot.  

For the latest fishing reports, info on specials, events and other Florida Keys happenings, please check out my Face Book Page.

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