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Wednesday, July 07 2010

Floating into the canyon...........

Currently I am in Montana.... 

I goofed up this year..Tarpon season has lasted longer then usual...  usualy the tarpon and the charters start to thin out about the middle of June...  I planned my vacation to Mt. too early..  Left the Keys June 22nd and it was still going strong..  I will be back in the Keys tommorrow..  My friends tell me that the fishing has been good!!
I love Montana, but can't wait to get back to the flats...
Oil Spill???    Lots of my friends here in Montana have asked about the Keys and the oil spill.. 

NOAA: Short-Term Threat to Keys Remains Low


July 7, 2010

The risk remains low for near-term Transocean/BP oil spill pollution threats to the Florida Keys and South Florida, according to officials involved in response efforts.

"This is because the Loop Current has been cut off from the northern Gulf of Mexico and our scientists are saying there is no clear path for oil to travel from the spill site, which is about 500 miles to the northwest of Key West," according to Billy Causey, superintendent of the southeast region for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Sanctuaries, which includes the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Further exemplifying Causey's point is that NOAA is not currently producing offshore oil spill trajectory maps.

The Gulf Loop Current is a clockwise current that normally carries water from the Yucatan Channel north into the Gulf of Mexico, then back down south off Florida's west coast, past the Dry Tortugas and into the Gulf Stream.

NOAA is not certain how long the separation will remain, but the agency said it will resume production of offshore spill trajectory maps, if needed.

Causey explains the situation in a video that is being shown on this website's dedicated oil spill information page.

On Friday, July 2, NOAA released a study, using historical wind and ocean currents to project long-term likelihoods (during a 120-day-period that began April 22) that surface oil products from the BP/Transocean leak might reach areas along U.S. Gulf and East coasts.

"Any oil reaching this area (South Florida and the Keys) would have spent considerable time degrading and dispersing and would be in the form of scattered tar balls and not a large surface slick of oil," the NOAA study said, echoing previous statements made by the U.S. Coast Guard, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and local officials.

For the study, a "threat" was defined as when BP/Transocean spill oil, sheen, tar balls or other effects might come within 20 miles of a shoreline. However, it does not indicate they would come ashore. Whether or not oil travels ashore depends upon wind and ocean currents at the time, NOAA said.

Tar balls are less stressful on the environment and easier to mitigate, Causey said.

Currently, for south Florida and the Keys, there is a very low risk of impact in the near future, due to the separation of the Loop Current, NOAA officials said.

For more information....   
Basically the Keys will be fine...  At least from the oil.....  We need protection from the media...

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I try to keep my fishing reports current on my web site,  but it is not always easy. 

Especially if I am fishing a lot.  

For the latest fishing reports, info on specials, events and other Florida Keys happenings, please check out my Face Book Page.

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